The Future of Programming con Bartosz Milewski

Martedì 6 Giugno dalle 20.30 l’Associazione ConoscereLinux ospita una serata (in Inglese) con Bartosz Milewski, un esperto internazionale di sviluppo software, programmazione funzionale e teoria delle categorie.


The Future of Programming

Programming has been in a permanent state of crisis practically since its inception. The smart money on it continuing in the same vein. Programming is about constantly generating complexity and dealing with it. There are two emerging trends: one relies on mathematics and the other on neural networks. Both come with their own advantages and shortcomings.


About Bartosz:

Bartosz started as a quantum physicist, joined Microsoft to build the search engine for Windows and became an avid proponent of OOP. Then he got into concurrency and parallelism and now he’s evangelizing FP and writing the online book Category theory for programmers.


 Programma della serata:

ore 20.30: Breve introduzione e saluti – Associazione ConoscereLinux

ore 20.40: The Future of Programming (intervento in Inglese) Bartosz Milewski

ore 22.00: Cena in pizzeria e networking



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